About Us

We are a family-owned medium-size supplier of agriculture farmchains who has made a point of becoming one of the most knowledgeable and effective distributor of hard-to-find chains for all kinds of agriculture and industrial applications. We pride ourselves with great customer service and are always willing to spend extra time on the phone working with our customers in identifying the proper chain or sprocket that's needed.


Ken started Farmchains.com in 2008 while also running an industrial supply store. Ken was very knowledgeable with the agricultural chain industry. Ken was truly the farmer's friend, hence the slogan "Krazy Ken the Farmer's Friend".  Ken recently passed away due to a short illness.  Ken will be sadly missed by everyone. 



Doug has most recently become owner now since the passing of Ken who just happened to be his father-in-law, after 21 years of public service work with the Lee County Sheriff's Department. Doug can assure you with his integrity, honesty, and hard work ethic will carry over with assisting customers with all their needs. Doug looks forward to serving our customers and earning their business.




Jane has been with us from the beginning. Over time, Jane has become very knowledgeable with the agricultural industry. Jane oversees all billing, shipping and invoices. She also pulls double duty being the office manager for our industrial supply store. 




Austin is our most recent hire and helps around the store with small jobs here and there.  Austin is Doug's son and Krazy Ken's grandson.  He had been making a lot of deliveries with his grandpa to get in required driving hours as he does not have his official driver's license yet.